We will begin parking people on September 19th and all passes are valid until the 22nd.

When you arrive here in Rachel, please turn down Grants St off of Extraterrestrial Highway. You will turn in near the town's old gas station that has since been shut down. After turning onto Grants street, we will be redirecting people down Frontage road towards the camping/parking areas. We expect lots of traffic coming in and out of the area so please plan accordingly by filling up on gas before you get into town. There is NO GAS available in Rachel. If you have another party that you would like to camp next to, please arrive in line with each other. Otherwise, we can not guarantee that we will be able to accommodate this.

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Please remember to be safe and prepared for this event.

Although we are preparing and trying to gather as many resources as possible, Rachel is just a small town in the Nevada desert. We recommend bringing water, food, and appropraite clothing. The weather should be nice during the day but it can drop into the 40's at night so be prepared by bringing warm clothing!

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September 19 - 22

Rachel, NV


20+ Bands